For a basic sensory evaluation, trained specialists objectively rate the intensity of olive oil sensory attributes specified by the IOC.
These include defects (fusty/muddy sediment, musty-humid-earthy, winey-vinegary-acid-sour, frozen/wet wood, rancid, others), overall fruit, bitterness and pungency. The sensory grade of the oil is determined according to the California Grades of Olive Oil and the U.S. Grades of Olive Oil. The report includes IOC attribute intensities and sensory grade (see sample  Basic Sensory Evaluation Report). Use the Basic Sensory Evaluation when checking to confirm olive oils meet sensory grading requirements.

Use this form when submitting olive oil samples for Basic Sensory Evaluation.

Price per sample: $100

For a detailed sensory evaluation, trained specialists objectively describe olive oils using pre-selected flavor attributes, in addition to those specified by the IOC. The style/intensity level of the oil is also assessed (delicate, medium or robust). A detailed written report includes sensory grade , style/intensity, a cobweb plot and a bar graph of attribute intensities (see sample Detailed Sensory Evaluation Report). Use the Detailed Sensory Evaluation when specific sensory descriptors and style are needed for marketing materials or blending decisions.
Use this form when submitting olive oil samples for Detailed Sensory Evaluation.
Price per sample: $150

We offer two levels of olive oil sensory evaluation (also known as organoleptic or taste testing) -

Basic Sensory Evaluation and Detailed Sensory Evaluation.  All sensory evaluation services are performed by a panel of scientifically trained and experienced olive oil judges. The Applied Sensory Olive Oil Panel participates in the Laboratory Proficiency Program through the American Oil Chemists’ Society and is designated a “recognized” sensory panel by this accrediting organization. Standardized sensory evaluation protocols and procedures are used. Oils are NOT evaluated for preference.

We also offer a Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Certification Seal based on standards set by the International Olive Oil Council (IOC). Our certification seal signifies that the olive oil has been evaluated by an independent third-party organization and helps guide consumers in their quest for extra virgin olive oils.

Olive oil grade standards are based on both sensory and chemical data. While we do not conduct chemical analysis, we do recommend several laboratories that offer this service.

An invaluable resource for olive oil scientists, product development and marketing personnel on the role of sensory evaluation in relation to current and future market trends.

Basic sensory evaluation

Seal certification of extra virgin olive oils

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An olive oils which has been evaluated by The Applied Sensory Olive Oil Taste Panel for either the basic or detailed sensory evaluation is eligible for the EVOO certification seal if the following two criteria have been met::

a) Extra Virgin sensory grade

b) Accompanying chemical analysis (see list of recommended laboratories) indicates that the oil does not exceed the limits specified by either the  "California Department of Food and Agriculture - Grade and Labeling Standards for Olive Oil, Refined-Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil", or the "United States Standards for Grades of Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil", or the "IOC standard".

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Harvest dated certification seals come in rolls of 500 seal ($40 each) and 1000 seals ($75 each). Please include $10 for shipping and handling.

New clients are required to complete and mail a signed copy of the Certification Services Agreement to the specified mailing address or email to

Book:  Olive Oil Sensory Science by Erminio Monteleone and Susan Langstaff

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Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation

An easy to use, detailed educational guide for aroma and flavor defects found in olive oil. This wheel is a complete reference to common defects which may occur in olive oil and is an indispensable tool for olive oil producers, retailers and students . Available in both English and Spanish.

Detailed sensory evaluation