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We believe in waking people up to the world around them so that they will become aware of and appreciate all of their senses; the way we do this is by providing sensory training that engages, stimulates and entertains and by using materials that are high quality, convenient and user-friendly.

Applied Sensory, LLC

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On-site training of descriptive analysis panels, QC/QA sensory training, seminars on sensory evaluation.

Analytical sensory services for the wine, brewing, olive oil & food industries

Three types of sensory evaluation services ("organoleptic testing')  using a recognized panel of scientifically trained and experienced olive oil judges; seal certification available.

  • Provide objective and actionable data

  • Compare your products vs. your competitor's

  • Identify sensory attributes which "drive" high scores

  • Describing sensory perceptions accurately can reduce RISK and UNCERTAINTY in decision making

A series of easy to use, detailed educational guides for aroma and flavor defects found in a variety of products.